human action

something that people do or cause to happen (Freq. 1)
Syn: ↑act, ↑deed, ↑human activity
Derivationally related forms: ↑actuate (for: ↑act), ↑act (for: ↑act)
Hypernyms: ↑event
action, ↑acquiring, ↑getting, ↑causing, ↑causation, ↑delivery, ↑obstetrical delivery, ↑departure, ↑going, ↑going away, ↑leaving, ↑discovery, ↑find, ↑uncovering, ↑disposal, ↑disposition, ↑implementation, ↑effectuation, ↑egress, ↑egression, ↑emergence, ↑equalization, ↑equalisation, ↑leveling, ↑exhumation, ↑disinterment, ↑digging up, ↑mitzvah, ↑mitsvah, ↑propulsion, ↑actuation, ↑recovery, ↑retrieval, ↑running away, ↑touch, ↑touching, ↑nonaccomplishment, ↑nonachievement, ↑leaning, ↑motivation, ↑motivating, ↑assumption, ↑rejection, ↑forfeit, ↑forfeiture, ↑sacrifice, ↑derivation, ↑activity, ↑hire, ↑wear, ↑wearing, ↑judgment, ↑judgement, ↑assessment, ↑production, ↑stay, ↑residency, ↑residence, ↑abidance, ↑inactivity, ↑hindrance, ↑hinderance, ↑interference, ↑stop, ↑stoppage, ↑group action, ↑distribution, ↑legitimation, ↑waste, ↑permissive waste, ↑proclamation, ↑promulgation, ↑communication, ↑communicating, ↑speech act

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